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Demoversio CAM350


CAM350 on laajasti käytetty ohjelmisto piirilevyvalmistuksessa, tuotannossa ja suunnittelussa. Piirilevyvalmistuksessa sitä käytetään tarkistuksiin ja kuvionsiirtotyökalujen tekoon, tuotanto käyttää sitä niinikään tarkistuksiin, mutta rakentaa sillä piirilevyistä ladonta-aihiot. Suunnittelussa CAM350:llä voidaan tehdä lopullinen tarkistus tuotetuille Gerber-tiedostoille ja verrata niitä ohjelmallisesti vetolistaan. Näin voidaan varmistua siitä että dokumentit vastaavat CAD-tietokantaa ennen piirilevytilauksen lähettämistä..

Reverse Engineering-moduulin avulla voidaan Gerber-tiedostoista konstruoida piirilevytiedosto komponentteineen, kytkentöineen ja kuparialueineen. Näin rakennettu tiedosto voidaan palauttaa useampiin CAD-järjestelmiin (esimerkiksi PADSiin).



Perustoimintojen kuvaukset:

  • Export - Export Gerber (274D,274X,Fire9000,Barco DPF), NC Drill& Mill (Excellon, Sieb & Meyer), IPC-D-350, Netlists (all proprietary netlists, IPC-D-356 & 356A)
  • Modification - Make Edits, Additions, and Changes.
  • Optimization - Draw-to-Custom, Draw-to-Flash, and Draw-to-Raster Polygon Conversion, Netlist Extraction, Silkscreen Clipping, Redundant Pad and Data Removal, and Teardropping.
  • Design Rule Check (DRC)- Spacing Checks, Annular Ring Checks, Spacing Histogram, Copper Area Calculation, Layer Compare, Net Check.

  • Basic NC Editor - Used for working with NC-Drill and NC-Mill data. Importing, exporting, and creation capabilities are included. Minor editing is also included for the purposes of changing drill tool definitions, adding basic mill paths to assembly panels, and changing or working with break tabs.
  • Fast Array Module - Automates the sub-panel process. Allows for the creation of panel templates, which can be used and stored for reuse. Populate panels in either an automatic stepping mode or use spreadsheet mode for total control. Does not allow the use of symbols.
  • Release Package Navigator - Provides for the storing of all CAM350 outputs in a single electronic file. Gerber, drill, and panel data can be easily accessible to BluePrint. Any design data created by BluePrint
  • DXF Interface - Bi-directional DXF support for CAM350. Handles filled solids, true text, blocks, nested blocks, builds aperture table automatically, and more.
  • Crossprobing Interface - Dynamic link allowing allowing the coordinated viewing of a CAM350 fabrication database with the corresponding Cadence Allegro, Mentor PADS, or Mentor Expedition design database.
  • Basic Streams DFM -
    Streams RC
    provides for ability to define DFF and DRC Rules check schemes for reuse across multiple printed circuit board designs. Also supports the capability of executing different analysis in special areas such as BGA or Wire Bond, and running a standard analysis on the rest of the design.
    Basic Design For Manufactring (DFM)
    searches your design for Acid Traps, Copper Slivers, and Soldermask Slivers. Automatically repairs manufacturability problems such as acid traps, copper slivers, mask slivers, starved thermals, and solder bridging due to mask coverage. Data formats supported by Basic DFM include Gerber, as well as intelligient formats ODB++, IPC2581 and PADS ASCII.
  • Macro debugger - Debugger for Macro Script development. Set watch points and intelligent break points, analyze variables, etc.
  • Design Analyzer - Analyzes design and creates a design report for fabrication quoting and design qualification.
  • Advanced Streams DFM - Advanced Design For Manufacturing (ADFM)- Intelligent DFM Checks for different CAD Data Types. Examples of CAD data types include pin types (Through, SMD, Pressfit), via types (Through, SMD, Blind, Buried, Laser and Thieving), hole types (Through, Blind, Buried, Laser, Back Drill, and Dual Drill). Further, ICT Test Point status is assigned to pins and vias. Intelligent data formats supported include including IPC-2581, ODB++ and PADS ASCII formats.
  • Panel Editor - Automates the panelization process. Allows for creation of panel templates, intelligent coupons, pinning holes, fiducials, and title blocks. Populate panels in either an automatic stepping mode or use a spreadsheet for total control. Venting and thieving are fully automated as well, processing multiple layers in either a positive or negative polarity with user defined patterns.
  • Advanced NC Editor - New editing environment automates fabrication efforts involving milling and drilling of printed circuit boards and panels.
  • Reverse Engineering - A feature unique to FabFactory and CAM350, Reverse Engineering allows you to start with non-intelligent Gerber data and work it back in to an intelligent format a CAD system will understand. Items that are supported included Netlist information, Part information with RefDes, as well as some Attribute data. Please check with your sales representative as to which CAD interfaces support Attributes.
  • Flying Probe Test Fixturing - Generate flying (moving) probe test information in a snap using our fully integrated Flying Probe Editor. Supports many industry tester formats.
  • Bed of Nails Test Fixturing - Clamshell testing made simple using a fully integrated Bed-of-Nails Editor. Supports many industry test formats.
  • DirectCAD Interfaces
    - ODB++ Import/Export
    - IPC2581 Import/Export
    - PADS Import/Export
    - GenCad Import/Export
    - Accel Import/Export
    - Zuken Redac Visula Import/Export
    - Mentor Graphics Import





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