pal PowerAccess

PowerAccess is a database based tool to expand component and library management, reporting and linking functionality for PADS. Contains now pDB which works independently without MsAccess or runtime.


Current build 9.66.85
Free functions

Part Browser, Logic Part Generator, Logic Renumber.

Functions are free but require a registration by email (with company name, address, user name, email address) see email address in the home page).

df Part Browser

Parametric part search with Logic & Layout symbol preview. Customizable attribute set for searching different Logic families. Open datasheet - attribute contents used as a hyperlink, alternate search paths. Keeps a mirror of the PADS Parttype libraries in an open MsAccess database. Provides CIS search capabilities free of charge

Full version adds: Edit and save attributes window. Copy as new. Show associated projects. Annual part volume information based on loaded projects.


pr Variants

Define variants with ease. You can define variants in the tool and back annotate to Logic file. The tool creates a variant table to show variants graphically in Logic. Variant definition can be annotated to PADS Layout as well.

For BOMs the tool will collect attributes (and possibly linked data) also for substituted parts.

ex Excel interface

Take the advantage of spreadsheet. You can convert the entire parttype library to an Excel spreadsheet, modify and convert back.

You can also run an attribute update by index. This can be used to add attribute information to PADS library.

Also, you can import data from an external source to be shown in component searches and to be included in BOMs. The data can be directly linked (by an index field) or cross-linked. PowerAccess has a tool to build cross-link index tables easily.

dv Design Verify

Quickly compare parts in a Logic or a Layout file to your reference library and find the differences. You will find new parts (or parts not in your library), verify part level attributes and also the decal level attributes for PADS Layout.

There are three different strategies:

  • new parts (not exist in library)
  • attributes (with selective job update)
  • local attributes (attributes that exist in the job but not in library

The GUI displays the differences intuitively and you can use crossprobing. The report can be exported to Excel if desired.

You can also pick desired attributes from a list and update the job without affecting other attributes.

DX Databook migration tool

xDX Designer imports Logic files and the libraries can be translated. However, the conversion does not produce a decent database file for Databook. If your parttype library contains valid information, the migration tool allows you to take this information to .mdb file for Databook. The components can be picked to different tables by Logic Family.

Also, you can define the attributes to be handled as numerical values. The migration tool recognizes the text such as "1k2", "4n7" etc. and extracts the floating point value from the text.

Manage Library paths

The tool saves the PADS library paths in the backend database. When launched it will compare the current PADS library path to saved values and indicate if there are differences. You can then update PADS paths with a single click.

The function is useful when different library sets are used. It is easy to update the library paths for each library set (each library set is saved in it's own backend database).

Also in a multiuser environment it makes it easy to distribute the correct library paths.

Logic Renumber

Renumbers parts by page or linear. Definable RefDes offset. Batch or interactive. Renumbers both schematic and Layout at the same time (driven by schematic).

Free option, just registration required.

LPG- Logic Part Generator

Use Excel to create a complete part (single or multi-gate, symbol and parttype) on a single Excel spreadsheet. Reads data from the spreadsheet and writes to PADS Library.

Use copy/paste to enter pin numbers and names to Excel - avoid typing errors. Extremely easy to move groups of pins from one gate to another.

Free option, just registration required.


The installation package can be downloaded from here (pDB9.66.85setup.exe). Works with PADS 9.x and VX. If you already have 9.65 installed, you can just replace the exe files from zip.

Please note that PADS VX.2.1 has a new version number which is not recognized by earlier pDB versions, giving you a warning. Just download the zip and replace old .exe files with the ones found from the zip.


Most of the functionality is available in the compiled pDB application, and the rest are being ported. The Access based application (PowerAccess) requires PADS Logic ja Layout 9. If you don't have Microsoft Access in your computer, the free runtime will work just fine. It can be downloaded from Microsoft web page.

You can have a timed license for testing.

User manual
  MsAccess gives a security warning when an application is launched. You can get rid of it by lowering the macro security level. If you use MsAccess runtime, there is more information of the issue on page http://www.mac-net.com/1478083.page  

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