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PADS Utilities


PowerAccess is a comprehensive tool to add Component information system, Variant handling, reporting, linking to external databases, 3D visualization and other features to PADS Logic/Layout environment.

Now contains also a migration tool to create DxDatabook database for xDX Designer.

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RF-Kit 5.2
Designs over 2 GHz, Use Radial stubs, Lange couplers, curves, tapers on a pcb? 

A tool for parametric design of microstrips and embedded resistors. Updated for PADS 9.0



Free Downloads

Centroids script
PADS Layout has extensive scripting capabilities which make it easy to replace the outdated CAMPLUS functionality. Please find attached sample script. You can use it as it is or modify further. The skeleton was created using PADS Layout Script Wizard, with two further modifications:

-.PositionX and .PositionY-commands were replaced by.CenterX and .CenterY-commands to report the geometrical centerpoint coordinates instead of the decal origin. You can adjust the geometrical centerpoint by adding a bigger outline in a free layer.

-Layout regards a part as SMT if there is a single drilled hole in the decal. Obviously, this is not the best possible quess, so we added a simple function which checks the drill size of pin 1. If this resolution is not adequate, you can easily use one of the attributes for exceptions, and add the attribute check in the script.



PowerPCB IPC-D-356A netlister v. 4.9

Run a netlist report for the fabricator in IPC-D-356A format for testing.  Original source:  PCBStandards.com.  This version is fixed to handle different decimal separators.

We modified the 4.84D to 4.9 by adding checks for the offsets in CAM parameters. In case of common offsets they are automatically used for netlist as well. If multiple offsets are detected, they will be listed and the user can either pick one or go back to PADS and fix the offsets.



Update PADS Logic attributes from library

This utility helps to update PADS Logic attributes from library (PADS Layout or demo is needed also).




Do you use wave soldering for SMD's on the bottom side?  Gluepoints helps to produce the documentation.  You can define the number, size and location of the glue points, or just use a default point in component center.

PDFInstallation package.


Mentor to PADS netlist conversion

This utility converts Mentor nets and comps files to PADS compatible format.  It produces also a .csv table file containing parts with attributes

If you have VB6 programs in your machine already, just copying the menpadnl.exe (just 32kB) might do.   The whole installation pack is 5.1 MB

Feedback welcome!  Note!  this is in early beta.


AutoConnectSlavePin 1.02 macro (for PowerLOGIC 3.5+)

Need a part which has one pin shown in schematic but multiple connected pins in layout?

See the description.



PCBStandards script collection
An FTP site with a number of scripts.





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