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On this page we collect notes and links to items you might find useful .
Some of the links may require access to Mentor's Supportnet..






  • 02.01.2013 - IPC-D-365A script. This enhanced script checks is using the same offsets as gerber and excellon documents. Warns if it finds different offsets.
  • 23.10.2014 - Stacked via Layout has support for Partial vias. However, if the layer count is more than 4, the amount of required via definitions grows quickly. Also, specifying the drill pairs and documenting the drill files to be merged for board fabrication is overwhelming. This small program has PreLayout section which reads the layer stackup from an open Layout session and creates all partial via combinations for you. The PostLayout section collects vias for each drilling layer and creates one partial via nc file per layer.
  • 14.11.2014 - Centroid script for pick&place The standard .IsSMD property in Layout checks for any drill in component, causing misleading recognition of SMD parts such as connectors. This script checks the drill size for pin 1 only, which has turned out to be a better recognition method. Feel free to modify the script for your needs.



xDX Designer

  • PADS VX.0 - DxTopics xDX Designer TechNote collection.












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