AutoConnect slavepins

Sometimes you may have case where one logical pin needs to be connected to a number of physical pins.

"AutoConnect slavepins" macro can be used to do this semiautomatically.

Just add an attribute "Sch.Slavepins.1" to the part. The contents should be a list of pins separated by a space character. The first pin in the list tells the macro the master pin. It will then check the net name present in the master pin and attach the net in the slave pins using the "Signal Pin" definition in PADS.

If there are several master/slavepin combinations, just add one attribute for each of them. The second one should be "Sch.Slavepins.2". The macro will recognize the purpose of the attribute by checking the 14 first characters from the name.

The only disadvantage in the procedure is that you need to remember to run the macro every time before you update the pcb from schematic (if the nets have changed).




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